Oxford parla di me!!!

gennaio 23, 2008 at 3:19 pm Lascia un commento

Non ci crederete ma anche ad Oxford si parla di me! Proprio la prestigiosa Oxford University, attraverso il Direttore dell’Istituto di Farmacologia Clinica della Facoltà mi ha inviato questa lettera:

Dear Dr Pezzatini,

I recently read your article in Annals of Oncology “Oncology: a forgotten territory in Africa ” and thought it was very well done.

I myself am trying to help ease the burden of Cancer in Africa by setting up the African Oxford Cancer Consortium AfrOx (www.afrox.org) perhaps you have heard of it?

Anyway I am at this moment writing an article for Nature’s Oncology review about “the burden of Cancer in Africa” and was hoping to use the figures you use in  the Article ( Figure one / two) because this is the most up to date in formation I can find and the picture emphatically shows how late cancers are diagnosed in Africa.

I was also hoping to use the picture in a newsletter for the African Oxford Consortium to show the plight of African women faced with breast cancer.

Can I ask your permission to use these photographs.

Kind Regard Professor D J Kerr.

Kind Regards
David J Kerr

Head of Department of Clinical Pharmacology
Rhodes Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Cancer Therapeutics

Department of Clinical Pharmacology,

University of  Oxford

Old Road Campus Research Building

Old Road Campus
off Roosevelt Drive




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